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Since the early 1970’s Aim Pest Control has consistently been a part of the communities and counties we serve in New Jersey.  We are your neighbors, your friends, and more importantly we are your local professionals you rely on to keep your homes and businesses healthy, clean and pest-free.  But, running and expanding a pest control company is more than just getting rid of bugs, it is understanding customer concerns, implementing the most effective processes and procedures, and becoming as Green as possible to protect our customers, ourselves and our environment.Aim Pest Control, Since 1972

Rose Molina, Owner, got her start in the pest control business as a result of her Father's influence.  A Veteran of World War II,  Rose’s dad worked as a pest control specialist while Rose attended nursing school.  After several years in the nursing field Rose took an interest in reading pest control periodicals and attending seminars to expand her knowledge of her father's business.  She discovered her scientific training in handling health concerns and genuine care for her patients was a natural parlay into the business.  “Although I left my nursing career to work in this industry, I still maintain my nursing license and training.  What I have learned in nursing has been an absolute advantage in the Pest Control Industry,” says Rose. Rose was on the Mayor's Health and Public Safety Committee for 2 years and received a Community Service Award for her roles in Public Health and Safety as well. Rose Molina now has over 32 years experience in the pest control industry. From their first customer (a Thread Company in Bergen County, NJ) in 1972, Aim Pest Control has provided caring and understanding pest control services throughout New Jersey. 

Keeping it Green, Handling your Pest Control needs

Today, Aim Pest Control implements the latest technological advances in pest detection and elimination with a truck fleet available to handle just about any situation throughout New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Aim Pest Control Professionals of New JerseyOur technicians are all experienced, licensed and trained to the highest industry standards.  And, when it comes to environmental consciousness and truly GREEN practices, Aim Pest Control was one of the few who listened, acted and adopted. We are now Certified by the Department of Environmental Protection in the Environmental Stewardship program.

Oh sure, you’ll see us in Yellow Page ads, on the internet, or driving around town in Aim Pest Control trucks - we cover the entire state.  However, by far “Word of Mouth” advertising has been our most prized asset. Our customers know if they have a question about certain pests in their home, apartment or office building, they can call us without hesitation to receive honest professional advice and solutions. 

If you see one of our Aim Pest Control trucks around town, just wave and say 'hi'. We would love to hear from you!

Aim Pest Control Professional Credentials

Aim Pest Control, locally owned and operated, has provided superior pest control services to residences and businesses throughout New Jersey since 1972. Our professional credentials include:

  • Experienced, Qualified, Licensed, and Insured.Registered with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Agency
  • Registered with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Our pest control procedures are in full compliance with the 'Guidelines' established by the EPA and DEP.
  • We offer friendly, informative professional advice at no additional charge.
  • Uniformed, courteous technical staff and experienced customer service and support teams.
  • The latest technilogical advances in pest detection and elimination.

Want to learn more? Please feel free to contact us at any time: 1.877.909.2847

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